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Very delightful game!

thanks for playing!


Cute and fun game but really hard... I got 14 on level 1 and that was with good bonus RNG, I have no idea how I would get 22!


thank you for your feedback, yes the scores we chose as level targets are probably too high to be enjoyable, so knowing your exact score actually helps a lot! We'll reduce the difficulty for now :) 

BTW, did you know that collecting flowers that are not Bonus flowers still give you score while also increasing the score bonus flowers give when delivered? It's remarked on absolutely nowhere in the game, just curious if you figured it out

That makes sense, I saw the score bonus was changing but I assumed it was just random because I didn't play enough to notice the connection. I'll come back and play some more later, I liked making the little car scoot around even though I wasn't very good at controlling it.


Especially the "controlling the car" bit seems to be what many players struggle with at the start, so we are consìdering slowing the cars down at the beginning to allow for easier access. Again, thanks for your feedback, it's very valuable!

Specifically what was hard to me about controlling was knowing what direction I would turn, because left/right make you turn different directions screen-wise depending on whether the car is facing up or down, and then they get swapped again if you're moving in reverse. So when I wanted to turn I would basically just guess randomly whether to use left or right and then switch if I was going the wrong direction.