Planet G | Post-Jam 1.1

Hey everyone, we've been hard at a Post-Jam version for Planet G, and now is the time has come to share it  with the world. This update brings some extra polish to Planet G, as well as fixes for a couple problems we couldn't get rid of in time for the initial release.

We had a lot of fun working at Planet G and participating in a game by it's cover and will focus on a future project from now on.


Changes in Version 1.1

  • Discovered fruits now appear on Planet G
  • Added ability to reset the savegame from in-game
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from playing after discovering all fruit
  • Improved mouse-click-logic
  • Added game-icon
  • Added glow to mouse pointer
  • Adjusted Sheep portrait in dialogues
  • Adjusted clouds on titlescreen
  • Fixed issue that caused the game to display a white screen on some Windows 10 systems


PlanetG_1_1.exe 68 MB
Version 1.1.0 Oct 06, 2017
PlanetG_1_1.apk 59 MB
Oct 06, 2017

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