A downloadable game for Windows

Ace Tennis 64 is an 16-bit-homeconsole-era inspired Tennis simulation originally made for LOWREZJAM 2016 with audio by John Fio.


-Accurate representation of the ruleset of tennis

-AI opponents with selectable difficulty levels

-Intuitive controls

-Support for gamepads and keyboards

-Synthy stadium announcer

Changelog (Version 2.0):


-Additional HUD displays

-Complete Menu overhaul

-Gameplay & accessibility improvements

Have Fun playing!

Install instructions

Unzip and run the .exe.

Using a gamepad is recommended, Ace Tennis 64 supports any Direct-Input gamepad.


Ace Tennis 64 2_0.zip 12 MB
ACE_Tennis_64_LOWREZ.zip 4 MB


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Great flashback :-)

Controls were rough on the keyboard.

Maybe add more opponents and a leader board would be cool :-)

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This game looks great. Some suggestions. What about being able to customize the characters and the addition some game modes. Maybe even difficulty modes.

Hey, thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it!

I originally had the addition of customizable characters and a career + splitscreen mode in mind aswell, but as it proves making a such a (comparatively to the gamejam-version) big game is quit hard (also I'm a bad sprite artist myself).

Regarding the difficulty, I actually managed to implemented them! When selecting your opponent, the number of stars flashing up represents their skill-level (I had hoped it would be obvious). But again, making an AI that is actually fun to compete again in the long run proved really hard.

Nevertheless there will soon be a (small) update adding some more ambient sounds by John! Also I'm really glad to see there are people like you caring for this sort of game! Huge updates aren't likely to happen in the near future or even to the current game, but I'm definitely still willing to make a "bigger" tennis game sometime!

A ''bigger'' tennis game sometime. This excites me. Hopefully the sometime turns to probably. Its overall a solid game. It reminds of the mario tennis 64 and mario power tour game.