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Finite Reset

Made for #ifgameshsummerjam and #GMTKjam

In Finite Reset you were the creator of space and time, but begrudged by the ongoing corruption of your creation, you decide the moment has come to end space and time and everything within. Defend your spaceship and improvise using space-debris to make your way back to the center of space and time to allow for a new beginning.

Finite Reset asks: "What if Tetris was a tower defense shoot-em-up? You will have to assemble and maintain your spaceship from different parts floating around space: Some will be helpful, others aren't. Build strategically, you are also under fire!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to a bug the final stage can not be unlocked at the time. I hope I can find some time and energy to fix this issue after the rating period (and maybe lower the difficulty a bit in stage 2 too). Stage 3 features the ending of the narrative, so if you are interested in that, is's worth coming back once that's fixed!


FiniteResetJam3.zip 24 MB

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